When I initially signed up for wellness coaching, it was in recognition of my need for work life balance and my desire to lose a pound or ten. Little did I know I would receive that and so much more from my Wellness Coach, Courtney Sherman, a certified fitness trainer and wellness guru. Through our weekly conversations, I developed a personal mission statement and was coached through a process to identify, set and meet weekly goals. Courtney facilitated a process that improved my planning prowess three- fold; helping me to transfer skills that I had used in my professional life to my personal life ensuring work-life balance was no longer a dream but a reality. Over the weeks, I learned how to set realistic goals, identify potential barriers to my success and put a plan in place to ensure I accomplished fitness goals, medical goals, professional and personal goals. At each session, Courtney listened without judgment to my successes and occasional misses, offered suggestions and encouraged me to stretch. I learned to appreciate neutral as an “okay speed”. In the past, I only had two speeds– off and overdrive. I appreciate that without fail, she helped me to be more forgiving and supportive of myself, and more accepting of my numerous accomplishments. In a world where we are always pushing to do more and be more, she patiently taught me to appreciate myself and suggested that as I did that others would too. She was right! I highly recommend Courtney and her skilled coaching to anyone in search of wellness, fitness and balance.           Alethea, Thriver

“For the past six months, I have been going through changes in my personal and professional life. Courtney has helped me to prepare for and accept change in many ways. She has guided me to be ready and willing to embrace my future with strength, clarity and confidence. My coaching sessions with Courtney allow me to develop positive intentions in my health, my work and my personal life.  Her approach is both warm and professional and her insights are invaluable to me.        “R”

Coaching with Courtney is an awesome experience! She is an excellent listener and I always feel comfortable talking freely about anything. She consistently meets me where I am and gracefully guides me to think about my life and wellbeing from a different perspective. I love how she connects mind, body, and spirit and has wonderful words of wisdom that will stick with me forever.  Courtney helped me clarify my priorities and create an amazing wellness vision with goals to support it. She keeps coaching fun and even after just a few sessions, I felt more calm, centered and nourished.  Courtney’s follow-up emails contain wonderful words of support and kept me focused on the new revelations discovered in our sessions.  After 12 weeks of coaching with Courtney I feel much more balanced and less overwhelmed. I feel more deeply connected to myself than ever and the greatest impact of this is that I’m now a better Mom.  – Natalie, age 40

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